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An iPod Amplifier That Makes You Do the Work

This is Bongue, a music amplifier designed by Studio Toer. It certainly doesn’t look like any amp I’ve ever seen. And this video of it in all its kinetic glory isn’t doing much to clear things up.

So far all I’ve gathered is that 1) My iPod is going to be dangling from this thing like a helpless mountain climber and 2) I’m going to need to camp out by my wall and swing these pendulums around to play my tunes. Huh! Here’s how Toer describes the piece:

Bongue is a physic amplifier of mobile audio. The dinamic qualities give it a multisensorial experience for daily life.

When Bongue is fixed it’s only amplifying the sounds from the musicdevice itself. When you start moving the arm it will give energy to the amplifier and by that it will increase the volume of the musicplayer.

Still don’t really get it! But curiously still kinda want one on my wall. [StudioToer via MocoLoco]



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